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SEAMRITE Solid Surface Seam Clamps


Quality Clamps For You!

After years in the counter top industry using the hot glue and block way to pull together solid surface seams, we decided to try to find a better and faster way.  In the past, it seemed that you had to have deep pockets for decent clamps or you had to settle for very mediocre ones.  It took years of developing several different proto-types, but we now have some great clamps for you.  Our SEAMRITEclamps are designed to be very effective, easy to maintain, no electric or air needed to operate, and available at a low cost for your company.  A unique adjustment wedge on the SR2X & SR4X models will help align the seam just right so you can minimize sanding time.  The seaming and aligning of joints is done with extreme ease.  If you work with solid surface, you will love the easiness and the pricing of these clamps.  Take a good look at our products, and we think you will be ready to give our clamps a try.  Thank you for your interest in our clamps and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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SR-Mini Clamp
The Seamrite SR-Mini Clamp

Great Seam Clamps at Great Prices!

Seamrite SR4X Clamp
Offered by Yurway Designs Inc.


SR4X working on 3cm
The Seamrite SR4X Working on 3cm Solid Surface


Seamrite SR2X
The Seamrite SR2X Working on a 9" Bar Leg

Great Seam Clamps For Great Prices From Yurway Designs Inc.

Assembled in the USA
Assembled in USA
With US & Foreign Parts

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The SEAMRITE name is a trade mark of Yurway Designs Inc.